We offer, based on customer needs, a wide and integrated range of products and services capable of adapting to customer requirements.


Services offered by Santander Group through Banco Santander Río S.A.

What makes us different


  • 2nd largest custodian
  • Over € 19 Bn AUC

Target Market

  • Post-trading solutions for Institutional Clients: global custodians, investment and private banks, broker dealers, asset managers, insurance companies, pension funds and governmental entities

Commitment to Securities Services business

  • Investment in talent: senior hires from industry leaders
  • Relevant investment in technology – State of the art platform
  • Flexible solution adapted to our client’s needs

Expertise and Influence

  • Influent Player and contributor to the industry decisions in the Argentinean market: we help our clients to succeed in a complex regulatory landscape

Our services

  • Asset Servicing.
  • Management of corporate events.
  • Daily reconciliations of national and international securities.
  • Position certificates at the request of customers, issued daily.
  • Omnibus account structures.
  • Position certificates at the request of customers, issued daily.
  • Management of corporate events.
  • Voting through a representative, notification to customers concerning annual meetings; the representative will provide meeting agendas; represent our customers at shareholders’ meetings at their request; vote in accordance with instructions issued by customers.
  • Cash accounts linked to custody accounts.
  • Displays of security and cash positions available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Administration and supervision of cash flows.
  • Profiling of users to operate in the application.
  • Purchase/sale of currencies: BSR offers a service for customers wishing to arrange currency operations, for settlement of operations with securities and other financial operations.